Toxic food we would never choose, but are eating every day

by Marius
(Constanta, Romania)

Did you ever think of food as medicine?

Food and medicine are not two different things: they are the front and back of one body. ~ Masanobu Fukuoka

Yes, a balanced diet with whole, pure food can heal us. How about a balanced diet with food genetically modified (GM) to withstand large amounts of herbicide?

Just using common sense, do you believe that this food can still heal us, or not do any damage to our bodies and minds?

The most commonly used herbicide for GM crops is "Roundup". Its main active ingredient is glyphosate. Another important ingredient of Roundup is the surfactant POEA (polyethoxylated tallow amine), which is known for its toxicity in wildlife. It increases herbicide penetration in plant and animal cells.Wikipedia

As it turns out, several weed species, known as superweeds, have developed Roundup resistance largely because of repeated exposure. This means that a more powerful herbicide needs to be used (2,4-D Agent Orange) to kill the weeds. All this herbicide of course ends up in our plates.

We have to ask us "What are the benefits of eating genetically modified food?"

First, the herbicide is not safe for our consumption. Second, the effects of gene modifications on our health haven't been studied at all.

Again, just using just your common sense, if you had the alternative to choose between a GM food and a non GM one, what would you choose?

If you answered "non GM foods", you have to know that in US and Canada it is not mandatory to label GM foods. If it is not labeled, we really don't know what we are eating. It seems that our choice has been severely limited to only one option.

Read more about how can we change things in this interview with Andrew Kimbrell, Executive Director of the Center for Food Safety since 1997.

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