This is my daughter’s favorite home remedy for flu

by Paula
(Constanta, Romania)

Imagine a home remedy for flu that is like play for your child. "How can it be?", you may ask.

Read the rest of the story to find how much fun your child and you can have with this remedy.

We have tried quite a few natural flu remedies over the years. My daughter is very picky with everything (spoiled), even more so when she gets ill. She refuses from the start home remedies such as garlic or horseradish.

On the other hand, even if she complains that Echinacea syrup is sour, she takes it if we promise her that she’ll also get a teaspoon of sweet Plantain and honey syrup.

Is it play time or a home remedy for flu?

One home remedy for flu or cold she never complains about is a massage with Swedish bitter.

I started to rub her with Swedish bitter when she was 2 years old because she had fever and was coughing. At first she didn’t like it because of the inflamed ganglia.

The next day she asked me to play with her again the giggling game. What game? Now she thinks that every night is play time :)

A massage with Swedish bitter is beneficial for all symptoms of common cold and flu: nasal congestion, fever, cough, bone ache, headache.

In case of nasal congestion, massage the temples, forehead and the back of the neck. If the symptoms are more advanced, massage the head, back, hands and feet.

During the night soak a handkerchief in bitter and put it around the neck. You will wake up the next day without the sore throat.

Don’t do the mistake I did!

One mistake I persisted doing was to stop the massages when my daughter was feeling better. Fever and cough always came back to haunt us the next day, and we had to resume the massages.

The best thing is to keep doing massages a couple of days after the first signs of recovery.

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