Super foods. Alfalfa health benefits. Is this plant animal food or a human super food?

by Paula
(Constanta, Romania)

My daughter, Roxana, in Alfalfa field

My daughter, Roxana, in Alfalfa field

If it's good for your farm animals, then it's good for you. ~ ancient Chinese proverb

Ever since my father's goats have "refused" to eat an apple bought from the supermarket (it looked flawless, but had no taste or smell), I consider the goats' taste the best nutritional quality control :)

Did you know alfalfa is a delicacy for goats? Well, I was also surprised to find the benefits of alfalfa. I mean for us, humans.

In recent years I read more and more about alfalfa health benefits and I discovered recipes, especially in raw-vegans diets. Alfalfa is appreciated (especially alfalfa sprouts) as a nutritious superfood, and many people eat alfalfa sprouts in salads.

It is said that alfalfa is the most nutritious plant in the world and that no fruit or plant contains that many enzymes essential for digestion. Also, alfalfa leafs provide phytoestrogens, bioflavonoids (antioxidants, anti-inflammatory substances) and aminoacids.

Biologist Frank Bouer found that the alfalfa green leaves contain 8 essential amino acids. Aminoacids are the building blocks of proteins. Our body is unable to produce these essential aminoacids and we must get them from food.

- Alanine and lysine increase concentration and reduce the effects of stress.
- Arginine maintains the smooth functioning of the immune system and prevents tumor formation.

- Histidine and proline hasten healing of wounds.
- Cysteine helps the natural body detoxification process and is a "protector" of people with psoriasis.
- Tyrosine is used to fight depression.
- Methionine removes waste from the liver and it helps its regeneration.

After a long winter, when asthenia sets in, or in convalescence, when my body needs more energy and vitamins, I don't hesitate to make myself a nettle and alfalfa tea.

You can do a detoxification treatment simply by drinking 2 cups alfalfa tea every other day.

Eat alfalfa sprouts or take alfalfa supplements. Grow the sprouts yourself from organic alfalfa seeds. Put the seeds in a bowl with filtrated or boiled and cooled water. Change the water twice daily until the seeds sprout. You can store the sprouts in the refrigerator for 2-3 days.

Whether you drink tea or eat alfalfa sprouts, the alfalfa health benefits are the same: heatburn, gas, abdominal bloating and indigestion will remain a memory.

Alfalfa is not only a super nutritious food, but it is medicine at the same time.

Find more about alfalfa health benefits.

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