Relieve toothache with these herbs


Using a square of soft gauze, pour the powder of the following herbs inside one at a time in a line from one side to the other: Licorice root, turmeric, white willow bark, oregon grape, goldenseal.

Pour a few drops of vitamin E liquid (or pinprick a gel capsule) to slightly moisten the herbs.

Fold 3 or 4 times. Place inside mouth over gums/teeth, positioning over problem teeth (either top or bottom, or use 2 gauzes if both), securing tightly inside so that it will stay in place inside mouth between inner lip and gums.

This is quite comfortable to sleep in overnight, or you can wear throughout the day or evening for several hours.

Numb the pain with white willow
Also very beneficial for numbing pain is 2 capsules of white willow bark emptied into juice or chocolate Rice Dream drink, morning and evening.

Natural anesthetic
Clove oil applied with swab really helps too.

Marius's reply

Thank you Mr. Hayes. I am sure some of us will appreciate these tips, although I wish I wouldn't need them at all :)

One time I wanted to see what was the big deal with clove, but I didn't have clove oil at hand. I took two dried cloves and started to chew them.

Oh, boy, I felt exactly like in the dental office. My tongue got numbed in seconds and the taste brought a not so pleasant memory.

What is interesting to know is that clove contains Eugenol, an anesthetic used by dentists. It also brings back memories :)

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