Relieve toothache pain and other flu symptoms with these remedies

by Marius
(Constanta, Romania)

Clove Potion for Natural Mouth Wash

Clove Potion for Natural Mouth Wash

Almost anyone of us can tackle a medium flu headache for one day. But what do you do when the whole left jaw is in pain, ear and teeth included, and you don't want to take any drugs? Well, read on...

I've experienced minor cold symptoms (cough, running nose) for the last two weeks. This is what the "flu season" usually means to me, sometimes less.

This weekend, unfortunately, I was down with more serious flu symptoms - medium headache, earache and toothache, a little fever, sweating, cough and mucus.

While I've treated the usual symptoms with lemon & honey warm teas and the coughing with some of my daughter's sweet plantain syrup, the pain was my "Achilles' heel" (aka I can't stand pain).

I tried taking white willow bark concentrated infusion (3 teaspoons of infusion, 4 times a day), but it didn't worked. I resisted to pain the whole day on Friday, but in the afternoon I subsided to pain and took 1 paracetamol tablet (acetaminophen). Paula, my wife, never takes pain killers. I guess she's more tough than I am :)

The effect didn't last much though, and the headache and toothache kept me up very late. Saturday morning with my eyes still closed I remembered about the numbing effect of cloves. I rushed to the kitchen, got 5-6 cloves and started to slowly chew them.

They didn't act on the spot, but somehow I forgot about the pain and managed to sleep a couple of hours.

In the evening I rubbed my neck and head with Swedish bitter and took another paracetamol tablet because my pain was back and I just wanted some sleep.

Sunday morning the pain was gone and I was left with the usual aftermath symptoms.

Like the writer said "All's well that ends well". Finally, if you do find yourself in trouble, check this page for more natural home remedies for cold and flu symptoms.

These toothache remedies and also these herbs for relieving toothache should come handy sometime.

I hope you don't need them at all, but still, this is good to know information.

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