Psoriasis Home Treatment, Stress and the Immune System

by Paula
(Constanta, Romania)

You might want to use corticosteroids (cortisone) cream sparingly due to their side effects and resort to psoriasis home treatment with herbal remedies instead.

One reader asked what treatment would be helpful for psoriasis problem on the scalp and face?.

Paula's reply

Let me begin with this short story.

My husband has a friend with scalp psoriasis. He had psoriasis even as a child. His older brother and others in his family had it too, making it a hereditary problem. This friend told us that the scaling gets worse when he gets angry or stressed.

Stress is an important factor or cause of psoriasis. The ugly part is that stress causes a vicious circle. I know it's hard to avoid stress, especially in this crisis period, or any time for that matter, but you should try to reduce this cause.

Researchers believe one of psoriasis causes is the immune system and that psoriasis is an auto-immune disease (the immune system attacks our own cells). In one study they found that psoriasis plaques clear with immunosuppressant medications.

I think it's dangerous to deliberately weaken ones immune system. Here is a video with Dr. Bruce Lipton showing a link between stress and our immune system. It says that stress weakens our immune system. This may be an indication of why the immune system is weak and fails to recognize our own cells.

On the practical side, here is a short article with the herbal remedies (Astragalus, Echinacea and other herbs) I use to boost my immune system: How to boost immune system with astragalus

As for the scales problem, I have another herbal remedy you might try.

Eight years ago I developed ear eczema due to a chronic ear infection. I treated this eczema with antibiotics, but to no avail. Both the eczema and the ear infection cause scales much like psoriasis does.

Recently, my husband told me to try a Yarrow tincture or cream for my eczema, but my herbal store didn't have it at hand. The sales woman recommended me instead an ointment with Comfrey, St. John's Wort, Marigold and Chamomile, nothing fancy.

The thing is I already tried St. John's Wort oil and Marigold cream, but no luck. Instead, after a week of using this ointment twice a day, my scales cleared up.

I think it may help with psoriasis scales too.

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