Postpartum Hemorrhoids Reloaded or...

What herbal remedies can you try when hemorrhoids come back

by Paula

A new baby ... and another episode of postpartum hemorrhoids. And what a sequel ... I should call it PPR (postpartum hemorrhoids reloaded).

What happened to me after the first birth seems a piece of cake compared to the current hemorrhoids outbreak.

How bad can it get?

While this is an intimate subject and I won't go much into details, I will tell you the others will notice you can't sit, or that you walk like a penguin and sometimes you grind your teeth loudly.

It's somewhat annoying tough that everyone tells you the causes of hemorrhoids during pregnancy or after birth are all explicable and you should expect it will happen to you too.

The baby puts pressure on the area in question, and it's normal to swell...

Oh, and you must take care not to cause more grievances with bad diet habits, standing or sitting for too long etc.

To recap...

Hemorrhoids and I are old pals. We got acquainted a couple of years ago, during the birth of my daughter. In the last couple of months, during the second pregnancy, hemorrhoids started to appear again. Ouch. I could tell it will follow a terrible postpartum hemorrhoids episode.

I tried to avoid "not friendly hemorrhoid food" as much as I could, but I guess this time, one of the hemorrhoids causes was simply that we knew each other. I figured the same treatments for postpartum hemorrhoids I used the first time would work. Right? No.

Some who worked before were broken, while new methods gave better results. Follow the list below to see them in action:

1. Chamomile, marigold and St. John's Wort cream

I didn't see any visible effects like the last time. A least it didn't let things evolve and I guess I'm ok with that.

2. My biggest hope lied with Aloe Vera gel

I was a bit upset with Aloe Vera because it didn't heal my ear eczema. Still, I needed an emergency relief, so I thought it was no big effort to try it.

Of course, I hoped I would see some positive effects, but I did not expect them so soon. It took only 2 days to deflate a 3 cm hemorrhoid to the size of a pea.

This is one of the treatments I would put on top of the list and I would not leave untested.

3. Glycerin and conifer resins (fir, pine) suppositories

suppositories for postpartum hemorrhoids

The good part is that they have anti-inflammatory, healing, soothing and disinfectant (antiseptic) properties. Moreover, they help a little from the inside out, not just externally, like other creams.

The biggest worry is the sharp pain you feel when you try to use them. It's too bad that the rocket form doesn't guarantee an astronomical speed to the destination.

4. Sitz bath with hemorrhoids infusion

Use yarrow, wormwood, chamomile, marigold and stinging nettle to make a concentrated infusion. This method is gentle and thankfully does not involve touching the painful zone.

Although I wished I tried it more often, it takes too long to boil the large quantity of water needed for the infusion. Plus, my dried herbs reserve depleted quite rapidly.

You must stay for 15-30 minutes in the water, actually until the infusion cools. If the baby wakes up during this time and starts to cry ... well you did the whole thing for nothing.

5. Drink teas

I got bored with tea in the first couple of weeks. Just kidding.

Seriously, first you have to make a lactation stimulating tea so you don't run out of milk during the wee hours of the morning.

Secondly, a chamomile and marigold tea to wash the baby's skin.

And lastly, a hemorrhoid tea, if you are still awake .

6. Finally, I didn't have the courage to use the eggplants again.

It seems that the eggplant was quite memorable for Marius. He remembered immediately the adventure from five years ago and "advised" me to use it.

Thanks, but no thanks. My current hemorrhoids were quite sensible and I couldn't even sit. Sitting on an eggplant wasn't exactly a tempting proposal. Even boiled it doesn't have enough fluffiness.

I hope these natural remedies will bring you relief.

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