One good deed a day keeps the doctor away

by Marius
(Constanta, Romania)

When I was younger I saw my mother always doing a little more than she was supposed to do for the people she met.

I asked her why she did this. She told one must always think and do positive acts rather than do nothing. Good things always come back to us (none or bad ones do too, I would add).

You know the saying "he who sows the wind shall reap the whirlwind"? Well, my mother told me that doing nothing it's actually the same thing.

It's a matter of practice though, and I often forget this.

The other day I saw a video that reminded me once again to act and think positively. It was Dr. Bruce Lipton's "The New Biology - Where Mind and Matter Meet" video (part1 and part2).

Bruce Lipton explains in simple terms the link between cellular biology and our thoughts and beliefs. He says we control the genes (the blueprint of our cells) trough our beliefs, not the other way around. We can be healthy if we put our mind to it.

This theory has many implications such as the genes of a fetus being dynamically altered by the parent's thoughts and beliefs.

It sounds like magic, I know, but Dr. Lipton argues his case with scientific proofs and makes you want to dig further.

So mom, thank you for the good thoughts you shared with me!

Keep faith and do a good deed a day to stay healthy!

Don't forget to exercise and to eat healthy also :)

As I dug further, I found these interesting resources: The lost history of medicine and Vaccination, The Pasteur false Germ-Theory vs Bechampe Cellular Theory

These articles puzzled my mind. What do you think?
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