Menstrual Cycle Problems Herbs

Besides Lady's Mantle, Raspberry shoots or Yarrow, there are other useful herbs for menstrual cycle problems (strong menstrual pain, heavy menstrual flow, delayed menstruation, bleeding between menstrual periods) that have proven effective.

Sage (Salvia officinalis) has gained fame since ancient times as a true panacea, and is considered one of the most effective women tonics.

Besides the bitter and astringent substances in its composition, it contains principles with estrogen effect (like female hormones), mineral salts and vitamins.

Sage improves the symptoms in menstrual cycle problems (painful menstrual periods, abnormally long menses, heavy menstrual flow, abdominal pain).

It acts also as a women anti-stress medicine of great value because it reduces bothersome symptoms during the menstrual cycle and menopause.

Use internally 1 g of powder, 4 times daily.

To prevent unpleasant symptoms during the cycle it is recommended to use use this treatment over a longer period of time, and, approximately 3 days before, you can raise the dose to 1.5 g per day.

Shepherd's Purse (Capsella bursae pastoris) contains numerous beneficial medicinal substances which are indicated when your menstrual period is heavy, painful or bleeding lasts for several days.

Its active principles, in particular the tannins it contains, make this herb effective in menstrual cycle problems. If you combine it with calming herbs like Motherswort or St. John's Wort, Shepherd's Purse powder or tincture can reduce intense abdominal pain, which occur in some women during the cycle.

Dosage and frequency may differ from case to case. Average dose is 4-5 g of powder daily (1 g, 4-5 times daily) or 1 teaspoon of tincture diluted in 1 cup water, 3-4 times daily, on an empty stomach. Dill seeds (Anethum graveolens) can outperform in terms of efficiency ratio / adverse effects, most synthetic hormone drugs for women.

Dill seeds powder and cold extract tincture are a very powerful incentive and hormone regulator, especially in the sex hormones. Regulating the menstrual cycle or amenorrhea can be cured after 15-20 days of treatment with dill powder or tincture.

Some cases showed a reduction of frigidity and an increase of erotic disinhibition. Isolated, it was found an increase of the amount of menstrual blood; very rarely, an increase by 1-2 days of the menstrual period, while in other cases it was noted a reduction of this period and reduced intrusive symptoms (bloating, bleeding, abdominal pain).

Take 2 g of powder 4 times daily or 1 teaspoon of dill seeds tincture diluted in 1 cup of water, 4 times daily.

Use with caution or not at all in cases of very long and abundant menstrual cycle.

Parsley (Petroselinum hortense) is always present in any kitchen, but few women know the healing effects of this plant. It is indicated in most menstrual problems, such as: heavy blood flow, irregular menstruation, etc.

It is recommended to swallow 1 teaspoon of ground parsley seeds daily for endocrine problems or painful menstrual periods.

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