Irradiated meat is safe. Why FDA says we need to eat irradiated food?

by Marius
(Constanta, Romania)

Everyone knows that over exposure to gamma radiation from xrays can make you seriously ill or even kill you.

Well, you thought wrong. FDA says otherwise. According to them, irradiation makes food safe to eat "by reducing the numbers of harmful bacteria and parasites", "just as pasteurization makes milk safer".

Sayer Ji, found of states that "this is not about small amounts of radiation. The level of gamma-radiation used starts at 1KiloGray (equivalent to 16,700,000 chest x-rays or 333 times a human lethal dose) and goes all the way up to 30KiloGray (500,000,000 chest x-rays or 10,000 times a human lethal dose)."

Even then, FDA still doesn't thinks irradiation is "a substitution for good sanitation and process control in meat and poultry plants. It is an added layer of safety."

This is not news, but more of old bad news, because irradiation was approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in 1963, and today is used on more than 40 food products dispersed throughout 37 countries.

Why is this alarming?

Our body can repair many types of radiation and chemical damage, but repeated exposure to radiation or irradiated food may cause DNA damage, DNA mutation, pre-mature aging and cancer.

Food is supposed to provide nourishment, but it is actually making us sick. And our governments try to make us "safe" by trading instead our lives.

Choose safe foods for you and for your children. Choose non-irradiated foods.


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Irradiated meat is safe. Why FDA says we need to eat irradiated food?

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Apr 24, 2012
fermentation and irradiation
by: pierre verville

Put a bit of irradiated potato in water, and after three days the only difference is that it is yellowish. No fermentation. You will not be able to make wine with irradiated fruits.

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