How to Increase Fertility
Top 5 Fertility Herbs

by Paula

I imagine you and your significant other searched for information on how to increase fertility naturally.

There are a few examples among my friends and family that had also trouble conceiving, so I thought it would be a good thing to put together a list of the best fertility herbs that have worked for them and for other women as well.

fertility herbs

My Top 5 Fertility Herbs

1. Common Hogweed (Heracleum sphondylium)

In the circle of women who have used medicinal plants for fertility, the most lauded natural treatment for how to increase fertility in women, and also in men is Common Hogweed.

Why it works

  • it stimulates the activity of the ovaries and testicles;
  • it has aphrodisiac properties;
  • it increaseas sexual desire of the partners;
  • it has antispastic effect on the uterus and digestive tract;
  • it has genital vasodilatory effects (improves blood flow to the genitals);
  • it is useful in ovarian failure, alterations of spermatogenesis caused by testicular failure and impotence.

A friend of mine was told by her doctor that she didn't have enough progesterone, used Common Hogweed and dill tincture.

Also I read about a woman who had irregular cycles (between 33 and 45 days). She adjusted her blood pressure and menstruation cycle after 3 months treatment with Common Hogweed. She took a break from the treatment and immediately after she got pregnant.

A combination that make couples happy is Common Hogweed and Liquorice tincture (Glycyrrhiza glabra).

Along with Hogweed, you may use with good effects Sage (Salvia officinalis) and Yarrow tea.

From discussions with a woman facing infertility I found she was drinking Hogweed tea and, as a supplement, Hemp oil - one tablespoon per day mixed with cereals or soy milk. It tastes good and is effective.

Hemp Oil contains Omega 3 and Omega 6 oils (Essential Fatty Acids) witch, among other things, facilitate pregnancy in women with infertility problems by increasing uterine blood flow.

Another treatment is Hogweed tea for both partners, and folic acid and raspberry tincture for women.

I amuse myself whenever I recall the words of a colleague: I've used Hogweed tincture and the most natural treatment .... I "treated" myself with my husband ...;)

2. Herb Robert (Geranium robertianum) - also known as Red Robin / Bloodwort / Fox Geranium / Felonwort, or (in North America) Robert Geranium.

Another fertility treatment is based on Herb Robert, which has vasocontrictor effect and regulates hormone secretion (ovarian dysfunctions and endocrine alterations of spermatogenesis of endocrine nature) - invaluable during menstruation and menopause or for endometriosis and fertility problems.

It has a decongesting effect by helping the process of elimination and clearing out toxins. This may help with disorders of the liver, urinary and circulatory systems - it has a stabilizing effect on blood pressure.


  • 50g / 1.8 oz Common Hogweed,
  • 50g / 1.8 oz Liquorice,
  • 50g / 1.8 oz Herb Robert.

Grind all the plants with an electric coffee grinder and store the powder in a jar with a lid. Put the powder in water (1 teaspoon for every 250 ml / 8.5 oz water) and boil for 5 minutes. Strain and sweeten with poly flower honey. Drink 3 cups per day, before meals.

3. Lady's Mantle (Alchemilla vulgaris) is a well known treatment for many women problems. From regulating the menstrual cycle to treating fertility problems, this herb is a great help for those who want to become mothers and for new mothers

In case you didn't find any information on how to increase fertility with Lady's Mantle, here is a good combination of fertility herbs to help you get pregnant: Lady's Mantle tea and Lemon balm tea (Melissa officinalis) supplemented with apilarnil propolis and pollen, spirulina with Sea-buckthorn extract (Hippophae rhamnoides L.) and Raspberry gemmoderivates.

Fertile XX promotes effective female reproductive system support for fertility. (Chasteberry / Vitex, Black Cohosh, Eleuthero)

4. Raspberry (Rubus idaeus). The raspberry extract is also very good for infertility problems. It regulates the hormonal system and is a help in many other women problems.

Aloe Vera5. Aloe Vera - Natural Cure for Infertility. Aloe Vera gel or juice is rejuvenating to the female reproductive organs.

Also in men, Aloe Vera regulates the body hormones. It has the special quality to destroy antisperm antibodies and sever infection. Being a storehouse of amino acids and vitamins, the reproductive system is repaired and functions in the right way.

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Top 5 fertility herbs

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Top 5 fertility herbs

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