How to Boost Immune System

by Paula
(Constanta, Romania)

How to boost Immune system the natural way.

For almost 7 years, I followed an immune system booster cure every spring and fall. It is a habit that I learned from my mother-in-law and I thank her for that.

Once my doctor told me very said that people spend lots of money on various crap, but they won't take even a control exam for their health. Our family could serve as a good example :).

Sea Buckthorn (Hippophae rhamnoides) and Spirulina are our family's favorite immune system supplements. These two herbs have many benefits. Besides boosting the immune system, for which we have used them, they are useful in treating many diseases.

Did you know the fruit of Sea Buckthorn contains ten times more vitamin C than citrus fruit, generally known for their anti-cold effect?

Echinacea was this winter's immune system booster in our home. The same day our pediatrician recommended echinacea syrup for my daughter's cold, my mother-in-law told me that they have followed a treatment with echinacea for several weeks. She said they felt realy well and we really have to try it.

I gave my daughter echinacea syrup every time I saw the beginning of a cold, and she soon recovered.

Because views about how to take echinacea capsules were divided, I opted for 2-3 capsules 4 days a week, 3 days break, for 6-8 weeks.

Flower pollen is another good supplement for the immune system we used with success and I feel needs recommendation. We took poly flower pollen - dried granules.

It can and it is recommended to be mixed with honey.

In a conversation with a mommy friend, she said she gave her son pollen with honey for better protection against cold and flu.

Take care though, because pollen is not recommended for children under three years old, due to possible allergies.

Here is the proper way to take the pollen
Chew the pollen thoroughly before you swallow it, otherwise the body can't assimilate it, due to a indigestible membrane.However, this method can cause gastric discomfort and/or possible allergic problems.

Here is another way you could take pollen and avoid the possible unpleasant taste. Grind the pollen and mix it with honey until they form a paste - 1 teaspoon of pollen and 2 teaspoons of honey.

Garlic is my all time best immune system booster. I know many people avoid raw garlic because of the smell, but for me that it is a double portion of health and culinary pleasure.

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