10 Home Remedies for Warts You Will Find in Your Kitchen

If a wart has appeared, don't panic. Fight it with garlic, lemons and other home remedies for warts that you have in your kitchen.

Medical science has some theories about warts' causes: human papillomavirus (HPV), poor liver function, a lack of essential amino acids like metionin, or stress.

What it doesn't have is a cure for them and their recurrence.

People have tried a great number of home remedies for warts. Some succeded, while others haven't.

What home remedy worked for you?

Top 10 Home Remedies for Warts

1. This wart removal home remedy is readily available in your refrigerator: lemons. One small downside though, is that the lemon macerate remedy you need to make will take several days to obtain.

Put a piece of lemon peel in a jar and cover with vinegar. Let it macerate for 3 days. Then cut-out a piece of the lemon peel, exactly the size of the wart. Don't use more because it will burn the skin useless. Put the lemon peel on the skin and cover it with a patch.

It is better to do this operation in the evening. Repeat it until the wart disappears. Be careful though. This remedy will whiten the skin and may hurt a little because vitamin C is mildly acidic.

2. You must have been expecting this home remedy for warts. Garlic is known for its anti-biotic, anti-viral properties and for garlic breath.

Cut a garlic clove in small pieces and rub the warts with them twice a day.

You can also eat fresh garlic to strengthen your immune system and fight the HPV.

3. Onion and garlic are relatives and both good home remedies for warts.

Cut an onion in half and rub the skin several times a day. Supposedly, a red onion is better.

4. Green walnut pericarp is not exactly a kitchen item, but is on top of the wart removal home remedies popularity chart. It is also the first remedy for warts my grandmother taught me. The only "small" problem is that you have to wait for the right season to pick the walnuts.

Rub the warts with fleshy green walnut pericarp several times a day. It doesn't matter the size of walnuts, as long as the green pericarp is still juicy. The wart will turn brown and dry out.

5. Propolis tincture is a part of my emergency herbal aid kit. I use it for all skin related issues.

Make a compress with propolis tincture and tampon the wart. Do this daily until the wart dries and falls.

5. If you have a fig tree (Ficus carica) in the garden, use it to get rid of warts. Break a couple of leaves and rub the warts with the sap that comes out. The fig tree may loose all its leaves, but you likely to get rid of warts.

If it's fig season, the better. Make some juice from fresh barely ripe figs and apply it on the skin several times a day.

7. This remedy is extremely at hand. Use raw potatoes. Take a slice of raw potato and put it on the skin. Change the slice several times a day.

8. Salt is a more practical remedy for plantar warts (warts on sole or toes of the foot).

Make brine. Boil 3-4 cups of salt (preferably coarse) in 1-2 liters / 34-68 oz of water and let it cool to a bearable temperature. Put your foot in the water for 15-30 minutes daily, until you get rid of the warts.

9. Tea tree oil has strong anti-viral properties.

Use a tea tree oil cream to get rid of warts, bacteria and fungi. Massage the skin every night for several weeks and clean it in the morning with soap and water.

10. Put a couple of castor oil drops directly on the affected area, twice a day, in the morning and in the evening.

The acid in castor oil probably does the trick by irritating the wart. The oil treatment works best on small, flat warts on the face and on the back of the hands.

You must have enough patience to massage the skin for 20 minutes each morning and evening. Rub the skin with circular and energetic movements, so the oil absorbs in the skin.

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