Home Remedies for Nausea

by Paula

Are you looking for some quick home remedies for nausea? Don't look any further!

I know first hand how you feel and I've prepared a cheat sheet to help you and me :)

You don't feel like laughing now, but you will soon :)

1. First of all, it's a matter of "taste". Have you tried lemons?

This is the first home remedy for nausea I grab from the fridge. If you are not "trained" in eating the whole lemon flesh, just drink fresh lemon juice instead. It will do the trick.

If you feel hungry (especially if you have been vomiting) eat light. Try some white fish, whole wheat bread and pickles if you have some close at hand.

2. If you are out of lemons, the second home remedy for nausea I have for you is Peppermint. If it's summer, pick a few leaves and chew them (wash them first).

I always keep a special place in the garden for Peppermint. You can also grow it in a pot.

You might have a strange feeling of "rumination", but after you chew a little you will sense the flavor. If you don't have fresh peppermint you can make tea from dried mint. Add a slice of lemon (or more, if you like) and it's a guaranteed nausea remedy.

3. Lemon balm can be a good substitute for Peppermint. It's not as "minty", but it's one of the most effective home remedies for nausea. It's also safe for pregnant women.

Make tea from 1 teaspoon of leaves in 1 cup of boiling water. Let it cool and drink 2-3 cups per day, unsweetened.

If you are pregnant don't exaggerate. 1 cup of Peppermint of Lemon balm tea is enough when needed.

4. Chamomile is an ally plant in so many diseases. It was one of my favorite pregnancy nausea remedies. It aids digestion and has an overall soothing effect. Just drink a cup of chamomile tea and relax.

5. Medication can be one of the causes of nausea. In this case, Cumin can be of help. It has an antiemetic effect (eliminates nausea) and acts both locally and in the central nervous system.

Make a combined infusion from Cumin and Peppermint, mixed in equal proportions. Drink preferably unsweetened, 0.5 - 1 liter during the day, before main meals.

6. Of course, I couldn't forget about Ginger :) It is perhaps the most reputable home remedy for nausea and you've probably known since childhood.

Slice a fresh ginger root and boil for 20 minutes. Let steep, strain, and sip. If you can't wait, cut a small chunk and hold it in your mouth. If you don't have fresh ginger root, ginger tea bags or ginger powder will also do the trick.

7. And finally, because you've stayed with me all the way :), I will tell you a SECRET home remedy for nausea I have from my mother.

When I feel noxious, I just drink a cup of "borsh" (fermented drink from wheat bran) and I feel better instantly (in a couple of minutes actually).

In my country, Romania, this drink is called "borsh". My mother prepares it from wheat bran and lovage (Levisticum officinale) to make a sour soup also called "borsh".

It acts as a depurative and it works wonders for hangover and nausea, by eliminating the alcohol from the blood faster. Just drink a couple of borsh cups to recover.

If nausea causes are not known (pregnancy, drugs, motion sickness, food) and the symptoms persist for a few days or are accompanied by other symptoms, consult your doctor.

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