Home Remedies for Eczema

I have developed a sixth sense for home remedies for eczema. Here are a handful of proven and tested (on myself) home remedies for eczema.

home remedies for eczema

Let's start with the beginning.

"Hello, my name is Paula and I am the unfortunate owner of two eczemas." :)

My biggest trouble comes from the eczema in the outer ear. A couple of years ago I had a chronic ear infection (Otitis Media) which left a "souvenir".

A less serious eczema, but still annoying, is the one I got after I scalded my fingers with boiled water while I was preparing milk for my daughter.

One could say I have a live classification of eczema at hand:

  • Allergic contact eczema or contact dermatitis which occurs during repeated contacts with an allergic substance (nickel, rubber, detergents, some medicinal substances, etc.).

    In some people the eczema will flare up with each new contact. For example, the eczema I have on my fingers flares up every time I wash with detergent and don't wear protective gloves.

  • The second type is eczema caused by an infectious outbreak that triggers a kind of allergic skin manifestation.

    This type (I am beginning to feel scientific) is the one in my ear and it recurs when it is cold outside, windy or draught.

My eczema symptoms are similar to one another to a certain point, but when the eczema in my ear becomes too ugly I have to see a doctor. The skin exfoliates, becomes red and hurts very much even with the slightest touch.

Fortunately for me, the eczema on the fingers heals quickly and nicely with natural treatments.

earUnfortunately, my dermatologist didn't allow me to use herbal remedies for eczema in the ear, and I had to treat it with allopathic medicine. Her explanation was that the ear is a very sensitive area and the infection could get worse or expand on larger surfaces.

I can live with this, but allopathic creams can not and should not be taken for too long because they have lots of contraindications and adverse effects.

We always keep Marigold ointment at hand - a herbal remedy for every skin problem. It feels like a coat on my fingers and it soothes my skin too.

Marigold ointment has antibacterial, antiseptic, antispasmodic, anti-inflammatory and cicatrizing action. This is why it's an universal remedy for all skin problems.

Because of nutritious substances, the cream stimulates skin cell development process. It also softens the skin and acts as a deep moisturizing.

You should apply it in a thin layer so that the skin absorbs it quicker and to allow the skin to breathe.

Once I had a cream with Marigold, Yarrow and Comfrey. It was ideal for the eczema on my hand.

I bought a Birthwort ointment (Aristolochia clematitis) originally for my husband acne, but I was also happy with its effect on my eczema. It has extraordinary cicatrizing and antiseptic properties.

St. John's Wort oil seems to have a warm smell which reminds me of fresh blooming flowers. I bought this oil especially for eczema and I am happy with it.

All these home remedies for eczema do an excellent job for my hands. The itching disappears almost instantly when I use them, and, in a few hours, up until the next day, the eczema vanishes.

What I don't like about creams is that they are greasy and I stain all the objects I put my hands on. So, for the perioad I am in "treatment", my hand is exempt from any effort :).

Celandine juice has an incredible effect on my eczema, but it's hard to pass unnoticed with a large dark brown spot on the skin. Altough it's my husband's favorite herbal remedy (it's also our website's "pet" herb), I try to avoid celandine during the day.

A more exotic home remedy for eczema is Aloe Vera gel. I don't have a plant at home, but I buy Aloe Vera gel from herbal shops.

Aloe Vera has many benefits (anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, astringent, emollient, antibacterial and antiviral) and contains vitamins C and E, zinc and polysaccharides, which stimulate skin recovery process.

Break an Aloe leaf, squeeze the gel and apply it to the affected area. Don't wash, instead let the juice dry on the skin. It will feel cool and relaxing.

Propolis is one of the remedies I've used ever since I was a little girl. My knees were always full of bruises from falling and my mother saved me every time with Propolis tincture.

Just put a few drops of Propolis tincture on the eczema. The alcohol will evaporate quickly and the Propolis will make a protective layer and speed up the healing process.

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