Herbs for Women

By Paula

I heard once a girl telling her grandmother what happened that day in school.


One of her colleagues told the teacher that she insisted too much on the girls issues.

The teacher answered with humour that girls had a tough fate and they were design like this by God.

And she continued - a woman has to endure month after month, suffer at birth, grow children, wash clothes, prepare food, housekeeping ... and deal with the whole household.

I smiled and thought that, fortunately, God also created herbal remedies for women health (menstruation, pregnancy and birth, vaginal problems) like Lady's Mantle, St John's Wort or Shepherd's Purse.

Yarrow regulates the menstrual cycle (menorrhagia, amenorrhea).

It helps in ovarian infections (leucorrhea, vaginal itching, vaginal mycosis, candidiasis) because it has antiseptic properties

Use Sage to restore your hormonal balance in case of irregular, heavy or painful menstrual cycle and female infertility.

It is also quite efficient in reducing hot flashes and sweating frequency during pre-menopause.

White DeadNettle can heal genital and urinary diseases, adnexitis, uterine inflammation, uterine spasms, menstrual cycle problems and pain, nervous states caused by menopause, kidney diseases, urinary burning and urinary retention.


Fertility Herbs and natural remedies for infertility.

How to Increase Fertility - Top 5 Fertility Herbs that have worked for my friends and for other women as well.

How to Increase Fertility with Raspberry

How to Increase Fertility with Aloe Vera

Fertile XX promotes effective female reproductive system support for fertility. (Chasteberry / Vitex, Black Cohosh, Eleuthero)


Extended Breastfeeding - Discover the best herbal recipes to stimulate lactation

Advantages of breastfeeding for the development of your children as well for the mother's well-being.

Menstrual cycle problems

Herbal remedies can help in heavy menstrual flow and other menstrual cycle problems.

Ease menstrual cycle problems with simple natural remedies.

Women Health

Herbal ovarian cysts treatment is neither short nor simple, but it is very effective and without side effects.

These herbs have a high content of phytoprogesteron and pelvic anti-inflammatory effects and can help in ovarian cysts and breast nodules resorption.

For small and medium size uterine fibroids you can use herbal remedies for uterine fibroids to balance the hormone level (estrogen-progesterone ratio) and regulate your menstrual cycle.

Postpartum Hemorrhoids - Natural hemorrhoid treatment.

After I had my second baby (we now have a girl and a boy), some postpartum hemorrhoids remedies who worked before were broken, while new methods gave better results. Read "Postpartum Hemorrhoids Reloaded" to see them in action.

Herbal remedies for White Vaginal Discharge - Leucorrhea (Leucorrhoea / Leukorrhea / Leuchorea)

Get rid of feminine itching with these natural remedies.


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Top 5 fertility herbs

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Give your baby a good start in life and regain your silhouette at the same time.

Advantages of breastfeeding and what herbs should you use for extended breastfeeding.

Menstrual cycle

Discover simple herbal remedies that can help in menstrual cycle problems.

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