Herbs for the Liver

What herbs for the liver you should use in a natural liver cleanse recipe?

The liver is the biggest internal organ of the human body and has over 500 functions.

This means that the liver is an important organ and it has a great deal of responsibilities, so we must take care of it and don't use it irrationally.

Because all the things we eat, breathe and drink are getting more chemicalized and polluted, the liver becomes the subject of many diseases that can overwhelm its regenerative functions.

Liver diseases range from an average infection to chronic diseases that often end up with liver failure. For many of these diseases the first sign is jaundice syndrome - a yellow coloring of skin and mucous membranes caused by retention of bilirubin in the blood. One of the most common liver disease is hepatitis.

If you have migraines, anxiety, irritability and constant fatigue, they could be symptoms of a weak liver and you should make a visit to the doctor.

Cleansing herbs for the liver to keep it in good shape

A natural liver cleanse should include raw Artichoke (Cynara cardunculus) which is known for its hepatoprotective effects. Therefore it is recommended especially for people with liver disease.

Drink Artichoke tea to get rid of toxins accumulated in the blood, because it has decongestant and depurative properties. Artichoke tea also stimulates cholesterol metabolization in the liver.

Chicory (Cichorium intybus) was considered an elixir for liver and digestion, and a powerful remedy against poisoning since ancient times. Horace (Latin poet 65 BC - 8 BC) wrote: "Me pascunt olivae, me cichorea, me malvae" ("As for me, olives, chicory, and mallows provide sustenance")

A cup of Chicory tea before meals is enough for a good appetite and other benefits such as stimulating the liver and kidney functions.

Chicory is useful in liver disease cures because it stimulates bile secretion in the liver (choleretic). It also helps evacuate bile in the small intestine (good for diet after gallbladder removal), which normalizes digestion.

Elders say that plants with yellow flowers are ideal herbs for the liver. Because of the bitter substances, Marigold flowers increase biliary secretion (cholagogue action), making it a simple and natural herbal treatment for liver and gallbladder disorders.


Another herb with yellow flowers, Dandelion, is and ideal herbal remedy for liver diseases. It contains iron, copper, potassium, calcium and vitamins A, B and C. It acts as a stomach bandage, remove toxins from the liver and bile and stimulates the appetite.

In a liver disease diet you can use Dandelion either fresh in salads or as juice, infusion or tea. Prepare the juice from roots and leaves and the tea from flowers.

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Ann from Australia asked "if eating dandelion leaves regularly will improve her liver function ... and how many one would need to eat daily and how long for". This is what I said to her...

If you have been using dandelion for liver problems, share with her your experience.
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Celandine, one of the yellow flower herbs for the liver, has choleretic (stimulates bile secretion in the liver) and cholagogue (promotes the discharge of bile) action. It has antispasmodic and analgesic properties and stimulates the liver function, acting on the smooth muscles of the gallbladder and bile ducts.

There is an important thing you should know about a liver cleanse treatment

You should be aware of a couple of facts before starting a natural liver cleanse. First of all, it is best to ask for a therapist's advice before starting. The liver detox treatment must act on several levels simultaneously, and would affect other organs too.

If, for example, you clean the liver, the toxins will be released into the blood stream, so you will need a blood depurative. But the chain does not close here. Toxins from the blood are eliminated by the kidneys. To not overload this pair-organ it is necessary to add in the liver cleanse recipe a mild herbal diuretic.

Therefore, experts say that a natural liver cleanse recipe should always contain a blood depurative, plants with cholagogue or hepatic action, and herbal diuretics.


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