Why most pediatricians don't ever recommended medicinal plants or other natural remedies?

by Paula

A couple of years ago I stayed with some friends who were attending medical school. Let me tell you that medical school does not even remotely teach you which herbs or foods to eat to get well, but what drugs to take.

Of course, one could argue that doctors didn't sign up for botany school. Still, drugs are not always the best solution for our children.

Up to three months old, it is recommended not to give your baby medicine.

It's good to know what natural alternatives you have.

baby-tea Natural remedies for children

What do you do when your baby has an ear ache or a tummy ache?

Share your remedy with other parents!

Whether from instinct or from other people's stories, we know there are natural treatments or adjunctive treatments, which will successfully replace drugs for our children. And surely, there was a time when people had no drugs and had to heal themselves without them. It seems that, somewhere along the line, we forgot the old medicine and the connection with nature somehow broke.

I find it terrible that every skin problem (rash, eczema) a child might have is treated with corticosteroids and antibiotics. Why, as long as chamomile, marigold, sea buckthorn, yarrow, comfrey and other such useful herbs exist?

Or that any cold or cough is dealt with 100% chemical syrups. How many doctors you went to recommended sage, coltsfoot, thyme and even onion?

It's too bad that we have to individually research these natural remedies. Moreover, it is stressful to seek this information when our children are sick. We find plenty controversy and our study must be comprehensive. Even then, we might end up with bad advice.

For example, I grew up knowing that St. John's Wort oil was good for baby colic (also read it in Maria Treben's books). From recent laboratory research, I found that St. John's Wort oil showed harmful effects on the brain's child. Therefore, I removed it from the list of natural remedies for colic.

Wouldn't be better if this knowledge would come from someone with years of experience?

Trustworthy, professional advice is hard to find, but our mothers’ and grandmothers' is not. They know better, wouldn't you say? After all, they raised us quite fine.

This is why I decided, as a new mother (for the second time now), to save their knowledge of herbal remedies and natural remedies for children in the pages of self-healing-herbs.com.

Teach children to love nature and they will know how to heal themselves

I'm glad my daughter had a chance to wander about in nature. She knows what celandine looks like and she attends her fathers minor bruises.

I made up a list of fun activities for children and parents as well, so that they'll recognize the plants and their use:

Outdoor activities

  • Swim in a chamomile field and make hula-hula necklaces, bracelets and tiaras.
  • Run and jump on a fresh mown alfalfa meadow.
  • Smell linden flowers.
  • Taste locust tree flowers.
  • Gather dandelion and make beautiful bouquets.

Herbal crafts

  • Gather heart-shaped Shepherd's Purse leaves and make collages.
  • Stuff handmade fabric puppets or amigurumu with wool and sprinkle with a couple of essential oil drops.

Recognize most obvious teas

  • Peppermint, basil, lavender by smell and flavour.
  • Linden by the red color.
  • Ask for Elder tea when she gets a cold.

Feel free to add to this list in the comments box below.

Herbs for children is a one stop resource for both parents and children.

BreastfeedingImmune systemRash, Eczema & Allergies
ColicsCoughingOther problems (pinworms, head lice, bruises)
DiarrheaSore throatHerbal recipes
ConstipationNasal congestion


Give your baby a good start in life. Advantages of breastfeeding will tell you all about why you should breastfeed.


Anise tea has the best taste. Babies are crazy for it. Caraway or Fennel tea soothes their colic.

Drink almond milk if you are breastfeeding. Mihai, my second baby, had no gas because I drank almond milk instead of cow milk. I thought it was a rule for babies to have gas.


When you start diversifying your child’s meal, he might get diarrhea. Try fresh grated carrots.


You know you should hydrate yourself in case of constipation. The same goes for your child too.

Make sure he or she drinks enough Chamomile and Marigold tea.

Here is my best cure for constipation in toddlers. My daughter, Roxana passed through difficult times. This natural remedy worked like a charm.

And here are my top picks for a natural constipation relief in children.

More herbal remedies for constipation

What is the best constipation home remedy?

Try these Top 5 Constipation Natural Remedies before using synthetic drugs.

Diversify the tea, because long consumption of the same tea losses the desired effect and has other undesirable side effects.

Rash & allergies

Clean the irritated area with a Chamomile infusion more concentrated than the one for drinking.

As new parents, we face all sorts of baby emergencies. How do you curebaby eczema naturally, without using corticosteroids?

What home remedies for diaper rash did grandmother, or mother, used 30 years ago?

My daughter has tried all these home remedies for diaper rash personally and, if I might add, she quite enjoyed them. I hope you will find this best list as handy as I did.

Herbal recipes for babies

baby massage

Baby Oil Massage ... or What does a sponge cake has to do with baby massage.

Aromatherapy bath sachet

Teething gel

Do not hesitate to consult your pediatrician if your child shows adverse reactions to herbs like headache, nausea, skin rash, agitation!

Immune system

In daycare or at kindergarten, children are more prone to catch cold, especially in the autumn or in the winter season.

Here are a couple of natural remedies that will give their immune system a nice boost:

sea buckthorn

"We had only a weekend of slight fever and a congested nose for a week this year, but nothing more serious than that" with sea buckthorn.

I heard a humorous story about boosting the children's immune system with Black Currant and making babies at the same time.

The prevention part goes for us as well. It's easy as pie to follow an immune system booster cure every spring and fall. The benefits are enormous.

Cough, Sore throat & Nasal congestion

Calm your baby coughing using only natural cough remedies.

Medicines are not the only way to relieve a stuffy or runny nose. Try first gentler home remedies for nasal congestion to thin the mucus and help the child breathe easier.

Mary Lou from Canada asked for a natural post nasal drip treatment for her 13 year old son.

More natural cough remedies

Onion and walnut tea safe for baby coughing

How to make black radish syrup

How to make onion syrup for coughing and sore throat

Various problems

There are a lot of natural pinworm treatments from which you can safely choose for your children, because they are food we eat every day. Isn't it a hard choice? Food or drugs for pinworm infection?

Arm yourself with the best home remedies for head lice.

Reduce inflammation and heal wounds with this natural bruise treatment.

Triple Complex Digestion Tonic homeopathic remedy relieves digestive discomfort, including diarrhea, constipation, flatulence and abdominal pain.

Natural remedies for children

We have both sunny days and rainy day as parents.

When our baby has an ear ache or a tummy ache we turn for help to our parents or friends. What remedies did they use?

Don't be afraid to ask for help. Ask and you shall receive.

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Use only a black radish and honey to make a delicious baby coughing syrup.

black radish syrup
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