8 Herbal Recipes. The Easy Way To Get Started
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A simple thing I gave up many years ago was tea bags. I started gathering medicinal herbs whenever I went at my parents in the country or from places we went on vacation.

Yes, it's that easy to get you started with herbal recipes.

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Generally, not many people have experience at making herbal remedies. This knowledge is not taught in schools and we must repeat the individual learning and discovering process by ourselves.

Almost every time we compare commercial and homemade recipes in terms of price or time.

But we don't compare the safety of the ingredients, or just ignore the label.

What's the secret to get you started with herbal recipes?

See if you recognize some of the following reasons for not making your own herbal remedies:

  • It takes less energy to take heart pills than to exercise.
  • It is faster to order pizza than it is to prepare a salad with alfalfa sprouts.
  • It is easier to take cholesterol-lowering statin drugs than to use natural remedies or, better still, eat whole organic foods.
  • It is more comfortable to use commercial chemicals laden toothpaste than to actually research and try your own homemade herbal toothpaste.

They are all too familiar. Even if we recognize the reasons and want to change, the force of habit is still stronger than us. Or is it?

Altough you might be aware of the danger chemicals in commercial toothpaste, shampoo, shaving cream or aftershave pose to your health, when it comes to making your own natural recipes you may not feel like starting.

Apparently, wanting to change and taking action are two different things. While I may love the idea of natural herbal recipes and natural everything, I come to a full stop when it comes to actually doing it.

For a couple of years I felt I lacked the knowledge to replace the bad stuff with my own natural stuff. At the same time, I didn't want to be forced by a health problem to cut all the poison in my life (pretty much most of what I have on the kitchen and bathroom shelves).

I knew it was best to get rid of all the beautifully packaged chemicals and prevent these problems altogether, but somehow I always managed to sweep the idea under the carpet.

You will probably laugh, but habit is the key

There is a psychological law in human behavior that most of us are aware but never apply to its full potential.

One’s habit becomes his second nature.

The things we do over and over again seem more convenient than new ones, even tough the new ones are a better or healthier choice.

This is why we don't give up easily bad habits. It is also the best tool to get us started.

Do it once, do it twice, and the third time it will become a habit.

I bet you have family or friends who changed their diets, started doing exercises and eating whole foods, stopped using commercial toothpaste and shampoo, because their health state was deteriorating and their doctor recommended them to. After the damage was done they had to do tenfold to regain their health, if that was not too late.

Don't try to figure out all the things in advance

You just have to get started with the first herbal recipe, and then continue with the second one. This way, you learn new habits, healthy ones this time, and, on top of that, you will feel good both physicaly and mentaly.

In no time, you will replace almost all the commercial products with homemade recipes.

8 herbal recipes you can try first

A simple thing I gave up many years ago was tea bags. I started gathering medicinal herbs whenever I went at my parents in the country or from places we went on vacation. The herbs I don't gather I buy them from organic stores.

1. My first herbal recipe was this herbal aftershave. It's cheaper and healthier than commercial alternatives.

homemade toothpaste

2. While the aftershave is for men only, the whole family can make and use these homemade toothpastes.

We've finished the first batch and made another one that should be enough for months. It cost about $3 and I did it in 10 minutes.

Read the whole article and find out the truth about living cavity free without going to the dentist

natural handmade fizzy bath balls

3. Replace the bath balls you bought with this amazingly simple recipe for fizzy bath balls.

Our daughter enjoyed making them and she's having a blast when she's taking a bath.

4. Almost anyone can tackle a medium flu headache for one day.

But what do you do when the whole left jaw is in pain, ear and teeth included, and you don't want to take any drugs?

Check out these toothache pain and flu recipes

5. Be careful at what you are using to treat your baby's diaper rash.

The natural creams that claim they're "bio/eco/natural" contain too little amount of the beneficial ingredients (chamomile, marigold, lavender) and a gazillion chemical compounds.

Here are some of our grandmother's natural home remedies for diaper rash.

bitter herbs

6. My mother shared with us her "secret" Swedish Bitters Recipe.

It's super easy to do.

homemade vanilla extract on last day

7. Paula uses vanilla essence in virtually all her cakes.

That's why she decided to make her own homemade vanilla extract.

8. Mihai, my second baby, had no gas in the first three months of his life because Paula drank almond milk instead of cow milk.

We thought it was a rule for babies to have gas or colic.

It's really easy to make Almond Milk or, as we call it, No Colic, No cries Baby Formula.

Browse the directory below for more herbal or natural recipes:




The point to cosmetics is to protect our skin and to make it more beautiful, and not to poison it with chemicals. Unfortunately, poison is what you get and it is written right on the label.

Paula: Because of the eczema in my ear, my dermatologists recommended anti-allergenic soap and natural shampoo. Back in the days, when I was younger (ehh) and less chemical savvy, I bought a "natural shampoo" with a beautiful green label with nettle and birch from a health store.

When I read the label, it had the same the long list of chemicals used as ingredients. For all intents and purposes it was a conventional shampoo, no better than others. Lesson learned: Read carefully the ingredients and don't be fooled by the "natural" label.

So farewell, commercial shampoo, and welcome natural hair washing with sodium bicarbonate, apple cider vinegar, handpicked nettles. I don't expect to have bright, shiny hair from the first trials, but I am confident I will find the perfect recipe for me.

Give castor oil for eyebrow regrowth a shot and you may be surprised by the results.


Cleaning products

homemade cleaning solutions

One might argue that we can't use the simple cleaning tools our grandparents did (water and broom) in these modern days. Even if "progress" has brought us "better" cleaning products (aka detergents, parabens, perfume etc.), we should try limit their use.

It is worse enough that we ingest pesticides and put chemicals on our skin every day. Why not put a stop to all this and use simple, we don't have to and every day to protect our health.

It feels natural to use homemade cleaning solutions, but do they work or is it just talk?

There are many health stores that sell natural cleaners. You may be surprised to find that the main ingredients are the same as in the chemical laden ones, and their price is even higher than the that of the conventional ones, just because of their eco-green image.

Insect repellents


herb pillow herbs and sachet

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