Make Your Own Herb Pillow...

... and you will become a child again.

Whenever I smell dried hay, I remember immediately the same smell from when I was a child at my grandparents. Those were great great times.

This is one of the reasons why I keep a herb pillow nearby.

Even tough it doesn't feel like the real hay field, other memories come back to me, until I get a smile on my face. That emotion grows and sometimes stays with me for the whole day.

Odors are a great way to stimulate the memory and the emotions.

Because it seems we remember only the good parts, it makes a good technique for relaxing.

It's is also a good way to never getting to sleep angry.

However, you don't need to go walking in the country every night to fall asleep. A herb pillow is certainly much easier and it works just the same.

Your hay field might be a hay flowers herbal sachet tucked under your pillow. You can also put the sachet in a drawer or with the clothes in the dryer. And they make great gifts too.

Herb Pillows or herbal sachets - How they are made

They are just bags or small pillows filled with herbs. They are easy to sew and fill and they make healthy and harmonious activity for the whole family.

Many of us buy herbal sachets and put them in wardrobe or in drawers. I admit, they are easy to buy and you probably don't even think about what's inside.

Well, if you know how vanilla essence is made, then you can bet the same applies to the odors inside the sachets.

Herb sachet and lavander

I am grateful to my daughter because she insisted we do our own sachet with herbs.

Besides, they are practical and involve just a little or no money at all. Plus, I had a lot of fun crafting the sachet with Roxana. She is very fond of her bag and she hardly parted for the photo session.

When my mother-in-law gave us dried herbs from this year crop, I couldn't find any excuse to postpone the moment.

Especially because we had nice smelling blue lavender flowers. And anyone knows lavender is the first item you think of when it comes to herbal crafts.

Fresh lavender

I had all the necessary materials:

  • Dried herbs. We used a nice smelling plant mix (lavender, chamomile, linden), but you can just use lavender.
  • Fabric for bag,
  • Thread and needle,
  • Sewing machine - optional, but ideal.

Fabric and needle for bag

How it works:

1. Sew the bag

If you have a sewing machine, sewing a bag is a purely academic exercise, so it should be a breeze.

However, if you don't have one, it is not a reason not to hand sew one.

It will definitely be unique ;)

Finished herb sachet

2. Fill the bag with herbs

If I had filled the bag myself, I would have mixed the herbs very, very well before putting them into the bag.

However, my daughter insisted on putting one herb at a time. What's interesting now is that the bag smells different in every inch. We try to guess which plant landed in each corner.

From this simple model, you can diversify and personalize both the exterior and the content. It is also a great handmade gift idea.

Herb sachet with a blue ribbon

Herbs: lavender, marigold, peppermint, chamomile, St. John's wort and lady's bedstraw

Special herb pillows

Apart from putting these sachets in your wardrobe amongst clothes or hanging in the house as an air freshener, you can also make pillows in the same way.

Although they are called pillows, you don't have to actually sleep with your head on them. Put them under you regular pillow or beside it. Also, they are not the size of a regular pillow. You would need many, many herbs. A square of 20x20 cm (8x8 inches) will do.

You can customize the pillows depending on your preference or certain diseases:

1. Pillows for sleep, relaxation, headaches or insomnia, anti-stress are a must have for everyone.

Fill them with lavender, linden, lemon balm, St. John's wort, valerian, hops, hawthorn, basil and chamomile.

2. How about aphrodisiacs pillows?

Ok, there is not need to go into intimate details :)

This pillow is a nice gift for newlyweds. Fill it with rosemary, cardamom, cinnamon, vanilla, gentian, angelica, sage, peppermint, pine, sandalwood.

3. I wish I din't need a pillow for flu at all.

However, as we can not skip winter, a pillow with elderflower, basil, peppermint, hops, colt's foot, hay flowers, chamomile, thyme will be welcome for both children and for us, parents.

This pillow decongests the nostrils and eases the breathing.

4. The anti-allergy pillow is ideal for feather fluff allergies.

You can also get rid of snoring, respiratory problems and digestive ones too. Use walnut leaves, sage leaves and pansy to fill the herb pillow.

5. The pillow for stress relieves fatigue and nervousness.

Fill a pillow with valerian, hops, hawthorn, lavender oil, lemon balm. These herbs help in case of cardiac problems, hypertension and menopause symptoms.

6. Pillow for arthritis

Use hay flowers, wolf's-foot clubmoss, thyme and rosemary. Place around the neck or joints.

7. Chamomile calms hyperactive children

Fill the pillow with dried unshredded chamomile and put it under his regular pillow. It is also suitable for stomachaches or twitter.

Heat the pillow on the radiator or hold it in your arms for a couple of minutes, then place it on the child's tummy or head.

8. Peppermint promotes memory

Fill a pad of 30x30 cm (10x10 inches) with 300 g / 11 oz dried herbs such as orange peel, peppermint, rosemary, basil, lemon peel and thyme and keep it nearby: on a chair near you, on your knees or put your head on it.

Heat it before you use it, for a stronger effect.

9. Lemon balm eases painful menstrual periods

Use a 30x30 cm (10x10 inches) pillow and fill it with at least 200 g / 7 oz herbs like lemon balm, yarrow, lavender or cinnamon pieces, St. John's Wort or linden flowers.

Whenever you need, heat it on a radiator or with a hair dryer and place it on the painful area.

10. "Good night'' dill for grownups

Fill a30x30 cm (10x10 inches) herb pillow with dill seeds, St. John's wort, chamomile, lavender, rose and lemon balm. Use the whole plants (don't crush them).

If you can't sleep directly on it, place it under the usual pillow, and heat it for a more intense effect.

I hope you will enjoy this little herbal craft as much as we did :)

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