What is the best constipation home remedy

... and what you need to know before choosing the best cure for constipation.

If you are following a diet with enough fiber, together with adequate water intake, moderate exercise and good stress-management, you should not suffer from this problem.

Unfortunately things are not going always so smooth, and we occasionally get into trouble.

Best constipation home remedy for toddlers and children

As a parent, I am sure you cried with your child when he or she passed through difficult times. Their digestive system is very fragile. Too much solid food, not enough juice and vegetables, or even cow's milk can cause constipation.

Here is my best cure for constipation in toddlers. It has worked wonders with Roxana, my daughter.

And here are my top picks for a natural constipation relief in children.

Best constipation home remedy for adults

Before choosing one remedy or another, read this short guide to constipation remedies, causes and prevention methods. It is easy enough for anyone to follow.

... and there are more constipation natural remedies you can use to prevent and cure constipation.

However, my favorite constipation home remedy is an infusion with Glossy Buckthorn bark and Field Bindweed. These herbs are laxatives and increase peristalsis - contraction of muscles.

In case of chronic constipation, beside diet and herbal laxatives, you should take into account your physician's recommendations and treatment.

Natural Moves helps maintain bowel regularity naturally with healthy open bowels. (Red Aloe, Dandelion, Passion Flower)

And now...

What was the best cure for constipation you have tried?

What constipation remedy worked for you?

You know how difficult constipation can be for us and for our children. Sometimes we remain without options.

Read what natural remedies other visitors and parents have used and return the favor.

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The easiest constipation home remedy 
Soak 8 - 10 prunes overnight in water, and then eat the prunes at breakfast.

If your children won't eat the prunes, try to get them to drink at least …

Constipation Remedy with Buckthorn bark and Bindweed 
Buckthorn bark (Rhamnus frangula), Bindweed (Convolvulus arvensis) are herbal laxatives that increase peristalsis, while Lemon balm leaves (Melissa …

How can you relieve constipation with Aloe Vera? Not rated yet
Another great benefit of Aloe Vera is relieving constipation.

This simple recipe will soften the stools and will make them easy to eliminate without …

Constipation in Toddlers Not rated yet
My daughter, Roxana, suffered from constipation from an early age. This problem seemed to be her shadow, so we couldn't have missed the constipation in …

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What constipation remedy worked for you?

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Top 5 constipation natural remedies

Try these natural constipation remedies before using laxatives.

Top 5 constipation natural remedies

Constipation in toddlers

My daughter, Roxana, suffered from constipation from an early age.
The salvation came from elsewhere though ~ Paula

Constipation in toddlers

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