Castor Oil for Eyebrow Regrowth

by Paula
(Constanta, Romania)

One of the many benefits of castor oil is eyebrow regrowth. If you have rare eyebrows, you obviously want richer and more beautiful eyebrows, try castor oil.

I had a friend in coledge with very beautiful eyebrows. All the girls admired them. She said it was worth the effort to use castor oil on her eyebrows and eyelashes every night when she was in middle school.

Her mother and grandmother also used castor oil and they had very nice eyebrows also.

How to use castor oil

Use an old mascara brush to apply the oil every evening on the eyebrows. Clean your face thoroughly in the morning..

In about a month you should notice smoother and more even eyebrows, if the castor oil worked.

Be careful to not overdo it. If you use too much castor oil it can drip into your eyes. The most important thing is to keep using it for at least a month.

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Castor Oil for Eyebrow Regrowth

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Jan 14, 2012
Castor oil for thin eyebrows
by: Clara

I have thin eyebrows and if someone plucks the wrong hairs out, I go a little mad. I tried many remedies for eyebrows growth, and I even thought of getting a tattoo, but none of them worked for me. This year, however, I heard a really nice story about the castor oil for eyebrows growth that inspired me.

After my daughter's winter holyday break at the kindergarten I talked with one of her colleague’s mother about the New Year's Eve party and about cosmetics.

She said that she had worked in a beauty salon a couple of years ago and she recommended castor oil to all her clients who had too rare, thin, over-tweezed or unbalanced eyebrows.

"It's what they've taught us in one the courses I attended", she said. "Although I didn't know if would work, I was delighted when the clients always came back and thank me for the advice. I didn't try it for myself because I was happy with the shape and look of my brows.

This New Year Eve I have "experienced" an extremely thin eyebrow shape which I saw in a magazine. The next morning however, I didn't feel the same excitement when I looked in the mirror, so I thought I give castor oil a try. I didn't expect to see the results for another couple of weeks, like the clients told me, but, I used the oil for two days now, and you can see the black roots already.

I always had thick eyebrows, but they had never grown back so quickly."

After this "happy end" story, I knew I had to try this remedy for myself. I began to use the castor oil the next day. I am still waiting to see some roots, but it's been only a week now :)

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