Benefits of Swedish Bitters

by Marius
(Constanta, Romania)

My aunt Hellen is a modern "witch" and a living legend in my family as to benefits of Swedish bitters.

She never gives up anything she puts her mind to. The best example is my uncle - her husband.

His health deteriorated over time and a few years ago (he is seventy-five years old now) he paralyzed. He worked on river boats as a mechanic and lived an active life. It was very sad to see him lying helpless in bed.

Although his condition was desperate, my aunt didn't give up on him. After seeing the doctors, she took the matter into her own hands and she began treating him with sweedish bitters and a strict diet.

It took a lot of patience and skill. It was somewhat a miracle when I visited them and saw my uncle walking on his own and doing little stuff around the house.

As a "humorous" side story, every time I visit them, my aunt manages to find the slightest sign of bruises on my hands and she gives me a bottle of sweedish bitters.

She points out all the benefits of sweedish bitters and she only stops until I promise her to use the "wonder" treatment for all my health problems.

Due to the active principles of the herbs, sweedish bitters have a tonic and stimulant effect on the hole body. It increases physical and intellectual activity, stimulates hematopoiesis (formation of blood cellular components) and stimulates the body's natural defenses.

It will also increase the number of leukocytes and their phagocytic power, as well as antibody production, contributing both to prevent and cure diseases faster.

This is a natural herbal remedy we always keep in the house. We strongly believe in the benefits of Swedish bitters as we have seen and tried first hand its miraculous powers.

We use sweedish bitters both internally, diluted in water, and externally with compresses.

For example, if my eyes feel tired or I have blurry vision from working on the computer, I soak 2 pieces of cotton cloth in bitter and put it on my eyes.

Whenever I have a sore throat, I put a compress with sweedish bitters on my neck overnight. The next morning I am as good as new.

In case of a headache or fever I pour a little bitter in my hands and massage gently the head.

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Benefits of Swedish Bitters

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Mar 11, 2011
Swedish Bitter vs Castor Oil?
by: Anonymous


Your story is really amazing...

I was recommended to use Swedish Bitter by one of my blog follower to treat the lesion on my spleen. She said that it does help her stomach ulcer issue..

To keep long story short, I was diagnosed with 2.9 cm lesion on my spleen, although 3 surgeons agreed that it's not cancerous but because it continues growing in size, they suggested me to remove my spleen.

It has been a year and a half that I tried to find a cure to shrink or dissolve the lesion on my spleen. I have been using Castor oil rub every now and then on my spleen area but when someone suggested me to use Swedish Bitter, I am wondering what is different between the two remedies.

Castor oil seemed to have the similar effects when use externally on the problem area, it does increase the white blood cells. Any information on this would be appreciated... I am willing to try this herb but just want to find out more info about it... thank you for the useful article..

You can read more about my health journey at

Mar 13, 2011
Swedish bitter for spleen lesion
by: Marius

Hello Chat,

Thank you for sharing. Like I said, my whole family is a believer in the benefits of Swedish bitter :)

There are 2 herb mixture formulas - Swedish Bitters Lesser (11 herbs) and Swedish Bitters Greater (15 herbs). Maria Treben used and described in her book "Health Through God’s Pharmacy" the formula for Swedish Bitters Lesser.

My aunt and my mother buy a dry mixture of herbs and let it macerate in wheat alcohol. If you have problems with alcohol, look for Swedish bitter without alcohol (the herbs are soaked in a Glycerine solution).

I hope you get well soon, Chat. Please come back and tell us if Swedish bitter worked out for you.

Apr 04, 2011
mix the castor oil and swedish bitters
by: Anonymous

i use castor oil and swedish bitters as a mix

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