A combination of eczema remedies worth trying

by Paula
(Constanta, Romania)

Mimosa tenuiflora, myrrh and Propolis cream is a combination of eczema remedies worth trying.

I was recommended Mimosa by a phytotherapist. When I told her about my ear eczema she said her patients responded very well to mimosa treatment.

Although I was glad to learn of a possible cure for my eczema, I had some reluctance about its qualities, because I thought maybe it was self advertising.

Is mimosa a proven treatment for eczema?

I did my own research about mimosa used in eczema remedies and I found that the bark of the Mimosa tenuiflora tree, tepescohuite in Mexico, is commonly used in this country and in Central America to make products for the treatment of skin burns and lesions. ~ Journal of Ethnopharmacology: Therapeutic Effectiveness of a Mimosa Tenuiflora Cortex Extract in Venous Leg Ulceration Treatment

According to Kurt Hostettmann, M. P. Gupta and Andrew Marston, the high tannin level in the bark, along with vegetable fibers and starches in the wood, decrease pain in burn victims and increase regeneration of the skin

Why this home remedy for eczema got me excited

An amazing coincidence happened when I walked in a health store to look for mimosa cream and another lady before me bought the same cream.

I asked her if she used it before and whether it was effective. She said her son had atopic dermatitis and he was allergic to all kinds of food.

They tried a lot of eczema remedies, but at one point the situation became very serious. His dermatitis stretched on a large part of his skin and the doctors told him to use cortisone. She didn't stopped looking for other natural eczema cures because of the side effects of cortisone.

In just a few days of using mimosa cream, his situation improved visibly. He continued to use cream 3-4 times daily for 2 weeks.

From that episode, she said she always had supplies of mimosa cream because she was very pleased with its effects.

One of my favorite eczema remedies

The mimosa cream's price was higher than for other natural products I used (calendula cream, for example), so I bought a small box that I've used for a month.

The label read mimosa didn't have the side effects of chemical products and it was 100% natural. Actually, to be sure of 100% natural ingredients, you should prepare it yourself or buy it from someone who you know uses natural and organic ingredients.

The cream contained 3% mimosa, 3% myrrh, 3% propolis and the remaining ingredients were excipients. It was the "excipients" part where I had most doubts about.

My first impression was that this was the definitive cure for my ear eczema. A pleasant smell enveloped me and gave me a state of maximum optimism. Do you feel the same about myrrh flagrance?

After using the cream, the itching and the imminent need for scratching disappeared. The skin scaling got better, my skin was hydrated and I got rid of itching and burning.

Although I know that curing my eczema needs much more than just a cream (a correct diet and other lifestyle changes), applying a cream seems the most convenient solution for me.

Update 2011, May

After a couple of months, my ears clogged with earwax and cream and my hearing became very diminished.

I was very worried so I went to my doctor. She did a tympanogram to see if I had fluid buildup in the middle ear, behind the eardrum.

Unfortunately, the tympanogram showed I had fluid in the middle ear. The doctor cleaned the wax from my ear and gave me some medicine to help drain the fluid.

I didn't want to take the medicine right away, so I waited about a week and went for another tympanogram. You wouldn't imagine my relief when the tests showed no fluid. I figured that, with the cream and earwax gone, the fluid cleared up on its own.

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