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Why you should stop taking the flu shot
5 minute Total Tooth Powder


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"The man who is prepared has hisbattle half fought." ~ Miguel Cervantes

Autumn smells like winter this year. It's very cold and windymost days and we can barely see the sun through the clouds here inConstanta.

Why you should stop taking the flushot 

The "fluseason" is near, and CDC warned people they should take theseasonal flu vaccine. This year's flu shot protects against the samethree strains of flu as last year’s vaccines. These include the H1N1strain of the flu virus. H1N1 is the same strain of flu that caused the2009 swine flu pandemic.

Did you take the shot last year? Even if you did, CDC recommends youtake it again this year.

What should we understand from this? The vaccine is supposed toimmunize us against these particular flu virus strains. Are we oraren't we safe? If the vaccine works, why do we need to take it againthis year, for the same virus strains?

Do you remember if you've caught chickenpox when you were achild? It is rarely the case you get it again when you are grown up,because your immune system has learned to fight the varicella-zostervirus (VZV).

Well, apparently this is not the case for the flu shot.Your immune system seems to need a reminder every year. And you may still get the flu, isn't that great?

Here are 3 more reasonsto reconsider flu shots in this articleon greenmedinfo.com:
1. Seasonal flu vaccines have been found to only be 1% effective,
2. Flu shots have been linked to killer nerve disease and
3. Vitamin D is over 800% more effective with no side effects

And here are 6 safenatural flu remedies, that are evidence-based, andavailable without prescription:
1. Echinacea tea: 
2. Elderberry: J Altern Complement Med. 1995Winter;1(4):361-9
3. American Gingseng: J Altern Complement Med.  2006Mar;12(2):153-7.
4. Green Tea: J Nutr. 2011 Oct ;141(10):1862-70.Epub   2011 Aug 10.
5. Probiotics: Pediatrics. 2009 Aug;124(2):e172-9.
6. Vitamin D: PLoS One. 2010;5(6):e11088. Epub 2010 Jun 14.

And, because "the man who is prepared has his battle halffought", it is better to be prepared than to fight flu onits own terrain. That's why you should arm yourself with an immunesystem booster, naturalremedies for fever, naturalcough remedies and antibioticand antiseptic herbs to fight infections.

Naturalremedies for cancer page 

I have begun to write the article about the natural remedies forcancer. Here are some remedies or treatment methods that I will writeabout on that page:
- Aloe Vera,
- Turmeric,
- Beet juice,
- Rudolph Breuss' Total Cancer Treatment, 
- Dr. Burzynski's Cancer Treatment
- Gerson Therapy
- Hippocrates Institute ("Let food be thy medicine.")
- Oshawa diet,
- Otto Warburg (Nobel prize winner for cancer studies)
- videos.

5 minuteTotal Tooth Powder 

I made some improvements to my 5minute homemade toothpaste recipe. Actually, it has transformed into this Total Tooth Powder recipe. I added 4 new easy to find, cheap and natural ingredients that are excellent for oral health.
Tooth powder:

*4 tablespoons sodium bicarbonate
*5-10 cloves
*1-2 teaspoons cinnamon
* 1-2 teaspoons dried sage
*1-2teaspoons uniodized salt or Himalayan salt (optional, if you want thepowder to be more abrasive)

Mix them together and grind them with the coffee grinder. I put thepowder in a small cream container. While you may feel some sage debris,the taste and freshness are great.


Thereare a lot of naturalpinworm treatment choices safe for children, because they arefood we eat every day. Food or drugs for pinworm infection?

Cinnamonhealth benefits have a long history and many legends havebeen woven around it. However, opinions about the health benefits ofcinnamon swing between almost-unknown and universal panacea.

AppleCider Vinegar Benefits on a Budget. You shouldn't putanything your skin that you wouldn't eat. If you are a bit passionateabout organic cosmetics and your health, then you will most surely lovethe organic apple cider vinegar benefits

Turmeric Benefits
. Probably the only herb you will need forall health problems.
I don't know how many of us, western people, are aware of theincredible turmeric benefits. Ayurveda medicine used turmeric forthousands of years to purify the blood, heal skin diseases...

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Written by Marius & Paula

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