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The secret natural cancer cure that has been known for years
How to make your own 5 minute natural natural deodorant

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"The mostimportant thing in illness is never to lose heart." ~Nikolai Lenin

The secret natural cancer cure that has been known for years

The summer is officially over. We didn't let go easily on thesunny days and restocked our kitchen with the last batch of watermelonsfor this year. They are delicious :)

In august we had a week off work and went on vacation to the mountainswith our daughter, Roxana. On the way back home we stopped at one of myaunts. She has been doing chemotherapy and radiation for a year nowbecause she has cancer tumors in her legs. At the last checkup, thedoctors have discovered cancer had spread in her body.

In the past years I searched and found lots of information andtestimonials about natural ways to treat cancer. Ann Wigmore, apioneer of wheatgrass juice and co-founder ofTheHippocrates Health Institute in Florida, Dr. Max Gerson, thefounder of Gerson Theraphy, Dr. T. Colin Campbellwho conducted The China Study (the connectionbetween nutrition and heart disease, diabetes and cancer) are among thepeople who gave me hope.

I find it's sad that in spite of all the evidence that cancer iscurable with healthy nutrition and natural remedies, the medicalindustry keeps poisoning us with cytotoxic drugs and radiation.

Although cancer must be treated in a hospital with doctors trained inhealing cancer with natural ways, this isn't always possible. Forexample, my aunt doesn't have enough money to go to a medical facilityspecialized in Gerson theraphy in another city or to the HippocratesHealth Institute, in another country.

I think this is the case for many of us, but don't be discouraged.After all, we and our loved ones are the best to take care of our ownhealth.

So, I decided I should do what I preach. I bought a wheatgrass juicer and trays forgrowing wheatgrass, books about wheatgrass and cancer diet, and I wentwith them at my aunt.

A fortunate coincidence happened before I arrived to my aunt. A visitorfrom Self-Healing-Herbs, Yigal from Israel, wrote me about othernatural remedies for cancer and gave me numerous links to scientificstudies that supported them. Aloe Vera juice and honey, Herb Roberttea, beet juice are some of these remedies.

Thank you again, Yigal. I tried the wheatgrass juicer with a nice beetwhen we arrived at my aunt. The juice was delicious.

I will write a page soon about these natural remedies for cancer anddocumentaries. Yigal's recommended remedies will be there too, so watchthe "What'sNew" section on the website.

How tomake yourown 5 minute natural deodorant 

In the last issue, I wrote about the 5minute homemade toothpaste recipe. In the meantime, I lookedfor an easy and natural way to replace my antiperspirant. 
What I found is a deceptively simple recipe. Here it is:

*1 glass of water
2-3teaspoons baking soda (sodium bicarbonate)
*5 drops of peppermint essential oil (optional)

Boil the water and let it cool. Mixthe baking soda and add the peppermint essential oil while you stir.While the oil is optional,I like the fresh smell of the peppermint.

Ilearned this recipe from one of my aikido coleagues. I use it atevery aikido class, and my armpits don't really smell. I hope you will use it too.

Featured HerbalStory

Fkhalili from Oman shared with us how he gotrid of his kidney stones with parsley. You will find detailedinstructions and other tips for naturally passing kidney stones.


A dandruff cure can be as easy as using thesenatural dandruff remedies.

FDAsays walnuts are illegal drugs, although there are studiesand published papers supporting the claim that ingesting walnutsimproves vascular health and may reduce heart attack risk. Support the Free Speech About Science bill toput an end to censorship of science.

Boswellia, Sage, Lemon Balm are just powerful herbsfor Alzheimer’s disease. Thanks to Yigal from Israel fordocumenting their use for memory problems.

Plantainbenefits include wound healing, anti-inflammatory, analgesic,antioxidant, weak antibiotic, immuno modulating and antiulcerogenicactivity

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Written by Marius & Paula

©copyright 2011 Self-Healing-Herbs.com

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