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Onegood deed a day keeps the doctor away
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One gooddeed a daykeeps the doctor away!

I bet you have thisknowledge inyourself as I do.  It's not much to it - good things willhappento those who do good. The reverse is also true.

Howmany timeshave you heard the phrase "Healing begins with the mind"? Well, Dr.Bruce Lipton just took the "Self Healing" concept to a whole new level.He explains in layman's terms how positive or negativethinking influence our own DNA.

There areeven moresurprising conclusions in his theory. Read more in Onegood deed a day keeps the doctor away.

I'vealso added acouple of interesting links at the bottom of the article.  

I amvery interested aboutyour opinion on this "mind healing" puzzling idea. Canwe heal ourselves through our beliefs?

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HerbalStory of the Month

I couldn't helpmyself and I'venominated Onegood deed a day keeps the doctor away as September's featuredstory.
Congratulations to me! :)

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Paulashares a little Easter egg in her article Homeremedies for nausea. I can't say more (just read to the endto findher secret nausea recipe).
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Toothache sounds familiar? I've puttogether a First Aid kit for Toothachehome remedies. I hope you don't need it, but justin case.

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I just wrote a note to myself: Visitmy favoritestomatologist! Soon :)
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