5 Kitchen Staples for Emergency Situations

by Alesha Wilson
(Wilmington, NC)

What if someone in the family had a problem that needs to be cured as soon as possible?

What if you live where medical attention is expensive and it would take some time to reach the hospital or clinic?

Did you know that you could actually make use of some of the common things in your kitchen? Apply the cure easily with the help of these staples:

1. Honey sure is sweet, but it’s the good kind of sweet. Aside from being the only good sweetener recommended for you, honey is also a great treatment against infections.

It had been used by soldiers in the past, and you can certainly avoid further sicknesses by removing infections through a spoonful of honey added to water or ingested directly.

2. Ginger. Are you experiencing muscle pains from too much exercise? Or maybe you pulled a muscle during your sleep. Whatever the cause of the pain is, ginger can help it subside. It can also be used for inflammation and nausea among others.

3. Turmeric. An antiseptic is present at home through turmeric. The curcumin in turmeric that is popularly used to make curry isn’t just that. It can help clean your wounds and also works as an antibacterial agent.

4. Banana. Are you having a bad hangover from a night of partying? There’s no need for aspirin to clog up your blood. Simple make a banana smoothie or eat ripe bananas and you will soon feel relief.

Thanks to this fruit, you will also feel a boost of happiness as it relaxes your system. And let’s not forget that banana is also rich in vitamins and minerals!

5. Vinegar. Even if you are on the beach you should not forget to keep a bottle of vinegar handy.

Did you know that it can help cure jellyfish sting?

Aside from that it can also help remove warts, plus it can keep your dishes from going bad easily.

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