Get Rid of Hemorrhoids, Itching and Constipation With a Natural Treatment for Bleeding Hemorrhoid

Don't neglect hemorrhoids. Choose a safe natural treatment for bleeding hemorrhoid based on diet and herbal remedies.

Bleeding hemorrhoids are usually internal hemorrhoids that don't cause pain, due to lack of pain receptors in that area.

Internal hemorrhoids will bleed when they get irritated. If you leave them untreated, or treat them superficially, they will turn into severe forms of hemorrhoids: prolapsed and strangulated hemorrhoids.

Bleeding Hemorrhoid Causes

You don't know why this happened to you? Bleeding hemorrhoid causes range from standing position issues, constipation, diarrhea and pregnancy to lifting heavy weights or, in some cases, none of these.

My father developed hemorrhoids suddenly when he lifted a heavy car engine. I've experienced postpartum hemorrhoids myself and I know first hand how it feels.

Hemorrhoids diet

Itching hemorrhoids are quite inconfortable. The first and the most simple thing to do is to keep your stools soft.

The natural way is to eat lots of fiber. Fiber and bran retain water in the stool, producing soft, bulky stools which are easier to pass and reduce the tendency to develop hemorrhoids.

Psyllium seeds (Plantago psyllium), Flax seeds or Oat flakes are natural sources of soluble fiber. If you are a juice fan, drink pineapple or carrot juice. They are full of fiber.

In addition to a fiber diet, also eat light meals. This way the intestines will put less pressure on the hemorrhoids.

Herbal Hemorrhoids Treatment

Bleeding hemorrhoids also require an herbal hemorrhoids treatment with herbs which have hemostatic (stop bleeding) and anti-inflammatory properties like Yarrow, Horsetail, Alfalfa, Plantain or Oak bark.


This herb seems to be especially designed for bleeding hemorrhoid treatment. Use its natural hemostatic, anti-inflamatory and cicatrizing effects on hemorrhoids to your advantage.

For external hemorrhoids take Yarrow sitz baths and put decoction compresses on the skin. It will decongest the hemorrhoids and also relieve the pain.

For internal or bleeding hemorrhoids simply drink 2 cups of Yarrow tea per day and take sitz baths. An Yarrow ointment is also helpful.


Another plant with hemostatic role is Horsetail (Equisetum arvense).

For external hemorrhoids use compresses with Horsetail decoction (a concentrated infusion from 100 g / 3.5 oz Horsetail in 1 l / 34 oz water).

Horsetail tincture is a good treatment for bleeding hemorrhoids because it is a powerful anti-haemorrhagic. You can also use it for internal hemorrhoids, menstrual bleeding and other internal bleeding.

Take 2-4 teaspoons of Horsetail soft extract* daily on an empty stomach. The effect increases if you combine in equal parts Horsetail and Lady's mantle tincture before evaporation.

* How to make Horsetail soft extract
Put 3 teaspoons of Horsetail tincture on a clean porcelain plate and leave it at room temperature. Let it evaporate until the quantity drops 3 times (not more). You will obtain 1 teaspoon of soft extract.

Always dilute the tincture with water: 1 teaspoon of tincture to a half a glass of of water.


Plantain (Plantago ovata, psyllium) is a 3-in-1 treatment for bleeding hemorrhoid.

It has both an anti-bacterial and a cicatrizing action because of vitamin K contained in the leaves.

Plantain not only stops bleeding, but also helps normalize the stools and treats the symptoms of constipation and other digestive problems.

Third, it also helps with the itching hemorrhoids issue.

When thrombosis, pain, and tenderness occur, take a 10-20 minute sitz bath, four times daily to heat the area. This will relieve the pain.

More natural remedies for hemorrhoids treatment

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External and internal natural hemorrhoid treatment will cure hemorrhoids and relieve the pain and the itching.

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