Stinging Nettle - External Treatments

Stinging Nettle is a capillary tonic and fights dandruff

- Revives and strengthens hair roots
Wash your hair with an infusion made from nettle and rosemary, chamomile and apple vinegar.

- Fights seborrhea and dandruff
Wash your hair with a decoction from nettle leaves and roots and burdock roots.

- Hair loss. Nettle root used externally tones the hair root, prevents and treats scalp mycosis and improves trophic processes in the scalp.

Rinse your hair (after you wash your head) with a combined infusion from nettle roots and leaves (mixed in equal proportions). Apply this treatment 1-2 times a week, and during rinsing make an energetic massage to the scalp with your fingers, so that the active principles will be better asimilated in the scalp.

Cystitis, kidney infections. It is a very effective treatment in acute cystitis, with calming effects, immune system incentives and inflammatory.

Take sitz baths (as hot as you can stand) with combined infusion of nettle roots and leaves (mixed in equal proportions). Put 2 liters of nettle combined infusion for every 5 liters of bath water.

Skin with open pores. Put a compress with combined infusion of nettle leaves and roots in the evening and hold it for half an hour. The treatment is done every 2-3 days with astringent and tonic effects on the skin.

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