Spiny Cocklebur

It is a powerful herbal remedy for enlarged prostate together with Small Flowered Willow Herb.

spiny-cocklebur It is a truly enigmatic plant, whose chemical composition was not elucidated until modern days, but which was very active in therapy for infectious diseases, cancer and degenerative diseases.

Its scientific name is Xanthium spinosum. It is a herb, up to one meter high, with richly branched stem full of thorns which explains its name.

It is distinguished by its extraordinary resistance to drought, bad weather, pollution and any aggressive environmental factor, which explains its gigantic areal, including Southern and Northern Africa, Central and Southern Europe, much of Asia, and South America.

Spiny Cocklebur treatment for enlarged prostate, prostate cancer, kidney stones:

Prostate Adenoma (BPH / enlarged prostate)

Spiny Cocklebur tincture is a remedy that rarely fail in this disease. Take one teaspoon diluted in half a glass of water, four times a day.

People who have used this remedy said that good results are obtained when you combine Spiny Cocklebur and Willow Herb tincture, in equal parts. Take one teaspoon of combined tincture four times a day on an empty stomach.

Usually, the first results appear in the first ten days, and after one months of treatment, the feeling of discomfort on urination, nocturnal urination and other problems specific to that disease disappear.

You should do this treatment for three months continuously. Then, do ten days of treatment per month to maintain the results. The best and stable effects are obtained if you keep a balanced diet - without alcohol, less meat, without very salty foods and no canned food.

Adjuvant in Prostate Cancer

Make an infusion (the same recipe as in Willow Herb) from Spiny Cocklebur and Willow Herb in equal parts, and drink 1 l / 33.8 oz per day. Combined with a vegetarian diet based mainly on raw food, this remedy can work wonders, also being recommended to men suffering of genital organs cancer (including testicles), kidney cancer or urinary tract cancer.

Renal lithiasis / nephrolithiasis (kidney stones)

Spiny Cocklebur and Willow Herb tincture, in equal parts and take 2 teaspoons of this mixture diluted in a glass of water, twice daily.

Treatment is very effective, especially in microlithiasis, and can also be applied to larger calculi, which they break up and help eliminate.

The same treatment is effective in cystitis, pielo-cystitis, nephritis, pielo-nephritis. To obtain stable results, it is required a minimum of six weeks of treatment.

Biliary microlithiasis

Prepare 1 l / 33.8 oz of Spiny Cocklebur infusion following the aforementioned recipe, and add two teaspoons of artichokes (Cinara scolymus). Drink all the preparation during the day on an empty stomach for 10 consecutive days.


Take 3 teaspoons of Spiny Cocklebur powder daily, in cures of 3 weeks, with 10 days of rest. Cocklebur grass is a natural regulator of thyroid activity, and is also traditionally used by peoples in Southern Europe to treat thyroid nodules and thyroid cancer.

Collection and drying

The grass is used from Spiny Cocklebur, the blooming strain, which is harvested in late June and until September-October. For harvesting and subsequent handling of the plant, protective gloves are absolutely necessary, otherwise the thorns will sting you and penetrate the skin, where they are difficult to remove.

Cut the stem a few centimeters above the ground, then chop it a bit and put in a bag. Drying is done in the shade, in average layers depth. From 1 kg / 2.2 lbs of fresh plant you will obtain 200-300 g/ 7.1 - 10.6 oz of dried product.


Tincture - is obtained just like that of the Small Flowered Willow Herb, but the maceration time is slightly longer: 14-15 days, compared with 10 days of Willow Herb.

Powder and infusion - is prepared and administered the same way as Willow Herb.

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