Herbal Syrups

Herbal Cough Syrup

Here is one great recipe on how to make your own cough syrup. This will last for months if properly sealed and refrigerated.

2 parts slippery elm bark
2 parts valerian
2 parts comfrey root
1 part wild cherry bark
2 parts licorice root
1 part ginger root
1 part cinnamon bark
4 parts fennel seeds
1/8 part orange peel

Use 2oz. of herb mixture to 1 quart water. Over low heat, simmer the liquid down to one pint. This will give you a very concentrated, thick tea.

Strain the herbs from the liquid. Compost the herbs and pour the liquid back into the pot.

To each pint of liquid, add one cup of honey.

Warm honey and liquid together to mix well.

Read more about Natural Cough Remedies.

Sore Throat Syrup

1/2 onion, chopped into small dish
add 1-2 tbsps. honey

Cover at room temperature and let set until juice forms in bowl. Take juice by tsp. for raw or sore throat as needed. A new batch can be made when you have used all the syrup up, although one batch usually does the trick.

Elder Berry Syrup

1 cup dried Elder Berries
2 cups distilled water
1/2 cup honey

Simmer the berries for 30 minutes. Mash with a potato mashing about half way through cooking. Allow mixture to cool to room temperature then strain through cheesecloth. Stir in honey. Pour into glass jar and store in the refrigerator.

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