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Asmile happens in a flash, but its memory can last a lifetime.


Paula, Roxana and I will drive tomorrowto my father& mother-in-law at the country - about 150 kilometers away fromourtown.

Every summer there are lots of flies andmosquitoes. Last year I looked for a couple of mosquitorepellent plants which I could grow (read my mother-in-law) in the garden.

As I found out, we already had someof the plants, except they were in a distant corner of the garden.Wormwood / southernwood (Artemisia sp.) and Mint aretwo of them. They are suppossed to repell flies and mosquitoes. We willsee about that :)

I found this nice article aboutLemongrass and Organic Mosquito Repellent atJourneytoForever.org. Unfortunately, I didn't find a "live" Lemongrassto get to my mother-in-law to plant it in the garden.

Ifyou like things that are simple and handmade, then you will certainlylike this simple naturalmosquito repellent recipe: Mix 10-25 drops of essentialoils (cinnamon, citronella or castor oil) in 2 tablespoons of olive oilor alcohol. Rub or spray the natural insect repellent onto skin orclothing and keep it in a dark bottle away from the sun.

Do you knowother plants that are effective against flies or mosquitoes? Whatrecipes have you used to protect yourself against the little buggers?

Share yourbest herbs or recipes in the herbalstories page.

HerbalStory of the Month

June's herbalstoryis Howto boost immune system with Astragalus
Congratulations Paula!

Didyou know...

Chlorella and spirulina aresuperfoods that contain a high content of essential fatty acids such asGLA that are routinely missing from our normal diet and yetare critical for healthy brain function?

Mike Adamswrote a 40 pages research report on chlorella and spirulina health benefits.I already knew a couple of things about spirulina, but this report isexcellent and very informative.


Paula and I have written thefirst article NaturalBruise Treatment belonging to "Medicine mom" series.

Icame up with Medicinemom idea from the movie Medicineman with Sean Connery. I enjoyed this movie a lot.

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